Nadirah is currently living in the Capital District and a slave to her wonderful boars Rocket and Flash. She wishes to inform current and future guinea pig owners on cavy diets, various products, vet visits, care, enrichment, and more. Occasionally, she will post photos of her wonderful boars for all to see, as well as give updates on her piggies’ health.

During her spare time, when she’s not working full time or taking care of her boars, Nadirah likes to spend time outside as much as she can during the warmer days as well as take pictures of any and everything. Landscape photography is particularly her favorite.

Rocket is currently 3 years old, loves food and loves to cuddle. He cannot contain his excitement when it comes to the plastic bag of veggies!!

Flash is currently  1 1/2 years old. He was very shy at first, however with time, patience, and of course food, he quickly warmed up to his owner. He wheeks for food, loves to explore everything, and nibbles/licks his owner from time to time.

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