Introductions! First, the name is Nadirah. I’m currently living in the Capital District area of New York. Previously, I’ve lived in NYC for majority of my life. It’s been quite a change moving from the big city that never sleeps to the city that sleeps at 9PM! Plus so much snow! The picture above is what upstate currently looks like! Pretty but so much snow.

I’m still adjusting to the area as I’ve only moved about 2 years ago, however one thing’s for sure, the upstate area has SO much greenery! The piggies just love all that grass during the late spring/summer time.

On June 13, I adopted my 2 year old tri-colored American, Rocket. I was determined to adopted two girls, however seeing Rocket for the very first time, I just fell in love. There wasn’t any other male guinea pigs at the time (a mama had just given birth to 5 babies) so I took Rocket home for that week.

The following week, since I badly wanted Rocket to have a companion, I called back the center and they determined that one of the babies from the litter was a boy! So I went there straight away and adopted Flash. He’s a brown crested American guinea pig, and he was only 5 weeks old when I adopted him!

I will talk more about how I introduced the two in my next post. In the meantime, pics of the piggies!

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